Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just A Simple Update

Oh my, I abandoned my blog for 6 days not wanting to update or rather say that I have too much to say that I just didn't want to update anything.. Getting more and more 'bulat' because you people stuff me with food everytime I see you guys as if Singapore food is even worst than UM's or UKM's hostel food..

How can this not make me 'bulat' la?? It's not as if I need those fats for the winter.. Excuse me Singapore is just across Selat Tebrau and not like UK or Australia..

I'm going for this:-

This hotel building in Dubai is so cool.. Every floor can rotate at it's own course..Architecture of it is so awesome!!

And things that I will miss dearly:-

SPCG.. Yeah, it's been 3 years since I last joined this group of noisy bunch.. GOSH! I hate having to leave it when I finally find myself fitting in perfectly and being as nonsense as them..

Children Ministry.. It's also my third year there this year.. No more cute boys insisting they wanna go to the female toilet with you, no more Russell to bite me, no more taking girls to toilet and asking whether they need help..

And of course, I can't live without my friends!! They are the nicest things on earth that God have ever made.. Now I need to leave them all here and elsewhere around the world, and go and venture and find new friends...

Last and most importantly, my family who are always there for me even though they don't really show it straight forwardly.. Gina is so gonna miss having me sleeping next to her man! Haha.. She can become a star again, I don't care because if I come back then she will have to shrink again anyway~!

P/S: Sorry for the emo-ing post, there will a few more coming up.. All this while I thought that those people who went overseas just have to pack and go and yeah maybe miss Malaysia a bit but I didn't know it was this hard..

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Cybermate said...

Please... why put my fat photo up there again?!