Friday, July 18, 2008

How's Things?

This is my bed..Mind the messiness of it even though it is the first day because I was unpacking..
My bed is the one on the right.. Yeah, the environment is quite good except for the humidity and it being stuffy at times...Everytime you go out, you will want to take a bath when you return..It kind of remind me of the times in NS when the weather is exceptionally hot that we took bath at every opportunities we get..But, I got to say, it is way better than NS camp definitely!!!

Yesterday, I joined the MSL (Malaysian Student League) for their activities and their rough briefing on how to answer the QET questions really did help a bit...Saw a few familiar faces (2 Victorians and yes, my senior in SMKBBSP, Hoo Lee Ven), so I'm not that sesat in NUS afterall or rather say, I will never be sesat because the seniors are so super nice by making sure that we feel like home in NUS..

Today, after the QET test, MSL seniors gave us a campus tour..We walked for 2 hours and more but we can never actually tour the whole university in a day, it's simple huge huge and huge..

Oh ya, about my roommate, Ah Boon (hopefully I get the spelling right)..She is a very nice Sabak Bernam girl with a very outgoing personality, really friendly, everytime making sure that I don't feel left out and it will be a great experience having her as a roommate and of course, to know her better!!

So adios people!! Will be back to update more when orientations starts to kick the ass out of me and in the process, friendship starts to form!!

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