Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Àlright, I am addicted to Grey's Anatomy AGAIN!! You hear me, AGAIN!! Once you start watching it, you want to watch it all over again from season 1...Well,at least that is happening to me...

Okay, as I promised..A long good post about my birthday..And the title is:-

A Pool Filled with Splashes and Laughters

We randomly decided to go to Sunway Lagoon.The last time I went there, dad's first ride was the Tomahawk which is the 360 thingy. He got in, buckled up, and ready to go. And in the next sec, he was asking the man to stop the machine and faced turned green. Then, he swore never to sit any thrilling ride anymore.Thank God I did not get that in my genes.

The five of us who went!! AND we screamed for no reasons on every ride...

KKY and CK trying out a gay-ish pose..

This pic was taken before we got wet...

Supposedly we went for the dry park first.However, on the second ride, we were practically all soaked to the skin except for Yoke San because she ain't wanna ride the Snake thingy!!! So much for calling it dry park. The best ride was still the Pirate Ship where according to KKY, we were hung mid-air for 2 seconds but I doubt it was just 2 seconds. It felt so long. Love the feeling of adrenaline rushing to my head with Yoke San sitting next to me screaming her lungs out. Or rather say, we love destressing this way.

It's been ages since I had so much fun with this bunch of people because we were doing something out of the ordinary of watching movies, sitting at the mamak, hanging at Yen Vi's room. This proves that we need something out of the ordinary at times!

So after playing, we went hunting for food and decided not to ride the Tomahawk nor walking across the hanging bridge because our tummy are more important!! Who can walk around anymore with the tummy making loads of noises?? So ended up at Manhattan Fish Market at 5pm for 'Lunch'.

The cake we left at Bread Story's fridge. By the time we actually realised that we forgot something, we were sitting at Ajimal already (see Regina, I also went to Ajimal on my birthday!).Thank God, we ate less than a quarter of the cake before putting it into storage or maybe by now, in the bin and the Bread Story crews wondering why on earth does somebody buy a cake, poke holes in it with candles, leave some wax on it, cut a portion of it, asked to be put into the fridge and then never return to get it back. Anyway, it's really sweet of you guys to get me a cake even though I am satisfied with just having you around.

This dude here is always poking me here and there making me feel ticklish just because he ain't got any receptors at his waist. It's was back to high school time.

Anyway, back to the cut-short story, there we were sitting at Ajimal, one by one the SMKBBSPians came and sat. The longer we sat, the more people came until I didn't know how to get up and head home before Mummy starts scolding. Bad luck though! Mum is already pissed off! Can't really blame her, I've not been around the house for the past few days.Everyday hanging out with friends. And on my birthday, I went out more than 12 hours! No wonder she is not very happy!

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