Sunday, July 6, 2008

7 Days To Go!

7 more days and I'll be leaving home sweet home to an entire strange new land.. Not really new because I go there every end of the year for the past 19 years of my life..

To-do List:-
  1. Get a haircut
  2. Go shopping for necessities
  3. Get a new jacket where I can wear for classes
  4. Pack my luggage
  5. Wash the toilet for the last time of the year! Yay!
  6. Un-mess my room
  7. Hang out with more friends now that I have lesser time
  8. Make gifts for special someones
  9. Find out what in the world is wrong with the computer at home
  10. Watch as many episodes of Grey's Anatomy as I can

P/S: Got loads to write about.. Don't know where to start.. Everyday going out with all the people that I love.. Going shopping on Tuesday: MEGASALES!! And Miss Aimee Lee, when on earth are we going out?? I haven't see you in ages!


yanzi4ever said...

hey...Hope u will suit there very fast...enjoy :)

Cybermate said...

Honestly, i don't think we go down to singapore every year since we were born. More like since we were ten? In your case, seven? :P