Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Architecture Vs Bioinformatic

Yeah, as the title already suggested.. I got Bioinformatic at UTM as an offer after 1 and a half years of working my ass off for STPM..Guess, it ain't that bad for me as it is my 3rd choice afterall..Mum asked me to think about it and decide whether I should go to UTM which is most probably in Johor or NUS which is just a river further..

I'm really blessed to get what I wanted or at least, the third thing that I wanted while some of my other friends got their 1st choice and others, got some off their last on their apply list be it in the location or course of choice.. Sometimes, I just don't get what the government is planning to do, all those who got pretty good results aren't get what they hope to get and are placing quite a high hope of studying in public universities while those who got average results or below, basically got offered according to what they want and least expected to get when the day before, they are just laying on their beds, thinking what to pack if they are sent to UMS or UniMAS..

So, the land of lions or bioinformatic??


Aimee said...

T.T i got my 6th choice you know Anna. feel damn bodoh, it's as if i've worked my ass off for nothing. damn depressed laaaa

but if i were you i'd go to nus lah for architecture. much more worth it in the long run

Lien Yiny said...

i got my 5th choice but I know i should be contented since a few of our "average" classmates didnt get any offers at all..

aimee janganlah depress! u have ur backup plans already right?

and anna, i'd advice u to research about bioinformatic first. UTM is quite a good uni. u'll save a lot studying here.

but not everybody gets a place in NUS. if u like architecture, go for it! hahaha im so contradicting.