Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What A Blunder!

Mum and I was going through the NUS Freshmen Guide.. Then we read a part about the financial aid..And you know what we realised?? It seemed that I didn't apply for the MOE tuition grant when I applied for admission so I guess I have to pay full fees which is more than S$20000++ instead of s$9000++ after deducting the tuition grant (bank loan excluded)..But in the book also it is stated that all who is accepted into NUS is eligible for the tuition grant *am confused now*..Don't know whether I will get the tuition grant automatically or if I really need to apply, I pray that I can still apply for it now even though the dateline is ages ago..So there goes half my hope of studying in Singapore and it is all because of me!! Silly me!!!

This would be me if that really happens!!

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Cmate said...


Read the book properly again lor... otherwise i read for you again lor...