Friday, May 16, 2008

Sorry if you guys are waiting for me to update after my 4days return from the island of lions.. I just got nothing to blog about.. Hehe..

Went to watch Ironman with Mum and Jason..Actually I wanted to watch Narnia but since Jason kept insisted on watching the man with the iron suit, we followed...

Well, the show aren't as good as I expected to be but it's still a nice show to watch.. Now,next on my list is Narnia and Speed Racer!!

Durian cendol that we had after the movie at SweetChat cafe...It's really delicious especially for durians freak like me.. Hehe..
Random pics:-

I bought this bottle from Singapore!! Love it a lot!!

Cajun Chicken..Last dinner in Singapore before we leave the next day..
Fish and Chips that Jason had.. And this shop, they give tonnes of fries.. We can't even finish them..If you want more fries, ask from them and it's FOC!!

Now, it's all gone!! Hehe.. Yummy!!!


Lien Yiny said...

LMAO! why do we all go singapore to get water bottles har! i bought 4 from singapore too! hahahaha.

Wackygurl89 said...

Hehe.. because singapore bottles are so much nicer and the price is quite okay.. So why bother buying them here when I go to singapore every year.. Hehe.. Every year I go, I will come back with one bottle.. gonna be bottle collector soon.. Haha..