Friday, May 2, 2008

Arrived In Singapore

So, I stepped my feet into the land of Singapore this afternoon... Yesterday, my family except for Gina left KL and headed to Johor where we stayed a night at my uncle's place for a night... We got to eat nice seafood at Pasir Gudang where we need to drive really deep into the jungle to some kampung orang asli.. But it's really delicious!! Here's some pics... There's a fleet of cars there.. Imagine how many people actually drive all the way there to eat... Plus, the scenery are tremendously beautiful...Beautiful sunset... I kept looking at it.. It's just so mesmerizing...How can I resist taking pics...Jason and I...Some kind of lala they called 'tua pai' but this is way more juicy and delicious.. Ain't too sure of it's spelling though...My uncle and his son with Jason at the back...And that is the amount of seafood we ate! Yummy.. Chillie crabs, steamed fish, supposingly steam prawns as well and etc.. Hehe..This is the route back.. It's so dark because there's no light at all.. only light from the cars.. Sorry for the blur pics, it's a really bumpy ride.. Can't get the camera to stay still even for a sec..
So, that's so much for the day at Johor.. Didn't do much today in Singapore..And as the day draws closer to my interview day, I am getting more scared of it.. Not to say that I got no confidence because I trust everything into God's hand.. If He closes this door, He will open another better door for me..Maybe it's just anxiety... Hehe..

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Cybermate said...

Why is it that when I am not there that you guys have to go to interesting places?