Sunday, April 13, 2008

Planet Shakers

I went for Planet Shakers concert yesterday at church and it was total madness.. So many people (about 3000 young people) and the place is over-crowded.. The whole sanctuary was packed, every inch of the floor was filled and it was a bit stuffy...

Everyone was so excited about it... At first, I really didn't like it because it was super duper crowded and everyone have to share the limited amount of oxygen...Besides, I am not that keen of Planet Shakers...
But seriously, after renovation, the church lightings are way better!!
Eventually, I did enjoy myself in that concert and felt the presence of God in the middle of it..When they sang the song 'Majesty', it kind of remind me of the time when I was in Grace Family Sanctuary and I love the song a lot..
YOUTHALPHA.. Never thought I will be hearing much of it after NS.. In NS, it is these youthalpha people that made my Thursday nights, the night that I look forward to every week..It's a class of fun and laughter but also a class that made sure I am on my toes with my spiritual life in that few weeks..

Here's a link for you guys to check out what we did during 'kelas kerohanian'..

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