Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cousins' Day Out!

Yesterday, I went out with Jenn and Gina to Ikano, The Curve, and 1 Utama just to lepak around since Jenn took leave.. It's been so many years since we cousins actually go out when it used to be an annual event..Unfortunately, yesterday was for GIRLS only.. Hehe..

We went to Shogun and makan Japanese buffet!
Don't think I only ate this much.. I ate so much that when I went for last call, the chefs were laughing at me for some reason..Who will actually look at you, then turn around to the colleague and talk then laugh?? It's so obvious that he is talking about me.. Gina and I was laughing at them instead...

This is a robot! At least I thought it was a robot until we realised that it is human inside..We were wondering why the robot so smart that everytime we go near it to take pic, it will stay still but once we walk away, it waves bye.. Then only we noticed that it is alive! Hehe.. So much for Jenn asking me to hold 'its' hands and take pic..

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