Saturday, April 26, 2008


Just got an email from NUS yesterday asking me to go for an aptitude test and interview for architecture course on the 10 May.. I was excited as there is a reply after so long of rotting at home and kind of freaked out a little when I read the part where 'You are encouraged to bring along artifacts, documents, or anything to show ur interest in design'..Seriously, I don't have such things, all I have is a bunch of paintings that had been done ages ago and a bunch of handicrafts.. Hehe..But, I know I have a interest in designing a building!! Imagine, having to design a building and it is recognised for the unique design.. Wow! But, the first thing I would wanna do if I get to be an architect is to design my own home!! Hehe..
These are some of the building that were taken by Flickr photographers.. Really interesting design..
Now, all I can do is pray to God for wisdom on the day of the interview to convince the interviewers that I am into design eventhough I didn't do anything much the past 19 years to show that I am interested in it until the day comes.. I think they will ask us candidates to design something on the spot by reading the materials that they ask us to bring on that day!! I'll just put everything into God's hands...

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